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    EarningCoach Marketing, an online marketing agency based in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, announced an updated range of Google services for companies interested in improving their local Google visibility. Offering both SEO and pay-per-click solutions, the agency helps client businesses increase their local Google ranking and reap important benefits in terms of traffic volume, online branding and reputation, and overall marketing success.

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    Investing in a high Google ranking is essential for businesses in any industry, as more than 90% of modern consumers are using Google to find information on businesses, products and services.

    EarningCoach Marketing offers professional paid advertising services to help local businesses become featured on the top of Google’s first page for their target keywords. This ensures improved visibility for the searches that matter the most.

    A spokesperson for the company explained: “Our machine learning algorithms will constantly improve your keywords and ads, in order to offer you the best results for a smaller budget. Your clients will see quality ads that are directly related to the keyword they used in Google Search.”

    Using the agency’s services, local businesses will not only become more visible to prospective customers, but they will also improve their overall online reputation, with studies showing that businesses ranking on the first Google page are considered more trustworthy than their lower ranking competition.

    The company also offers professional SEO solutions to help local businesses increase their organic Google ranking. This offers a series of important benefits in terms of online market reach and online reputation, as well as helping position the local business as a local industry leader.

    With the recent update, the Lakewood Township marketing agency continues to expand its services according to the latest industry developments.

    Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.