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Apple Announces Removal of Abandoned Apps on the App Store

Apple made an update on its Developer site pertaining the abandonment of apps on the company’s App Store. The notice states that the company will evaluate and remove apps that no longer function, are outdated and do not follow the company’s review guidelines.

The process is slated to begin on September 7, 2016 in an effort to give users the best experience possible on the App Store.

Apple will be notifying developers of apps pending removal on what they need to change to stop their app from being removed. Any app that crashes when loaded will automatically be deleted from the App Store.

App names will not be available and will remain associated with your account and app.

Current users of apps will not suffer from any interruption even if an app is removed from the App Store. Users will continue to be able to make in-app purchases, too.

App developers will have a 30-day period that will allow them to make any changes necessary to their app. If changes are not made in this time period, the app will be removed. The company is also encouraging shorter app names and will restrict new apps to a name of 50 characters or less.

Apple will be revealing the iPhone 7 on September 7, according to reports. The company is also slated to release iOS 10 on the same day. The new operating system will include Search Ads. These ads have been made to help app developers increase the awareness of the apps that they create.

The move to shorten the length of app names is expected to be in direct correlation with the introduction of Search Ads. A shorter name makes sense if the company will display the ad name in a search bar and charge developers to pay for the ads.

App Store user experience will be increased, as the platform has 2 million apps and many that have long been abandoned.

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