Badass Summit: Free Online Digital Marketing Professional Strategy Conference December 2019

free online digital marketing conference 2019 badass summit

Atlantic Stories announced their plans to host a free online digital marketing event for digital professionals, entrepreneurs and nomads, called Badass Summit.

The free virtual summit is scheduled for 2 – 5 December 2019.

The organizers of the event promise that the Badass Summit 2019 will be full-packed with valuable content and actionable advice.

More information about the Badass Summit program and participants can be found at .

Organizers and hosts of the marketing event are Steward Rogers, Managing editor at Grit Daily and Analyst-at-large at VentureBeats, and Victoria Loskutova, the founder of the Atlantic Stories.

“We decided to organize Badass Summit, a virtual conference that showcases the real takeaways, deep knowledge, and understanding of business, marketing, and lifestyle experts across the globe”, shared the Badass Summit team on the official Facebook page for the event.

Some of the topics that Badass Summit speakers will be covering include career transition, remote team management, startups marketing, business, mental health, and more.

Participants will have the chance to acquire valuable skills related to productivity and time management. They will explore proven content marketing strategies and discover new leadership tactics that can enhance their personal growth and open new opportunities for career success.

The Badass Summit will feature more than 20 speakers and digital marketing experts.

Startup Advisor, co-founder of Slay Ventures and best-selling author Adryenn Ashley will share her experience in merging the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality industries in her innovative projects aimed at reinventing the way people meet, mingle, and make magic online.

Roberta Lucca, a YouTuber and a London-based serial entrepreneur in the tech and games industries, will reveal her strategies for dealing with anxiety in the high-pressure world of tech.

Chris Reynolds, the founder of The Business Method and Get Shit Done Live, will share his high-performance productivity techniques based on the lessons he has learned interviewing more than 300 successful entrepreneurs.

Elena Poughia, a managing director of Dataconomy Media GmbH and the founder & head curator of Data Natives, will share her tested methods for building a community around a brand.

Badass Summit participants will also have the chance to listen to Sharon van Sprang, a B2B Digital Growth Strategist; blockchain advisor and tech strategists Travis Wright; Ashley Segura, a professional speaker and content marketing expert, and many more digital professional who have walked the talk and who can radically improve the knowledge of each participant and help them take their business to the next level.

The interviews and the presentations of each speaker will be available for 24 hours for free. Users are also given the option to purchase a lifetime access pass.

Participants will have the amazing opportunity to learn some expert strategies from business and marketing professionals.

Interested parties can register at to watch the Badass Summit sessions for free.