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What is wrong with the iPhone? Some Simple Flaws that Need to be Discussed

Does the iPhone Really Deserve all the Credit it Gets?
Does the iPhone Really Deserve all the Credit it Gets?

When the iPhone was about to be released, it seemed as if the entire world went into a frenzy, debating the pros and the cons of the phone which was supposed to be the be all and end all of cellular technology in these modern times. It was hyped as the peak of perfection, for the time being. But since then, many flaws of the phone have been brought to light and as a result, the aura of awe and perfection which usually surrounded the iPhone has waned quite a bit. It seems that this phone, with all its complex features lacks some of the basic features that are found in the most basic of cell phones everywhere.

For starters it doesn’t even have the cut-copy-paste feature, which is quite appalling considering the range and features of the phone. Even though it is a simple function it is necessary. It really should not have been left out and damages the effectiveness of the phone, especially when using it for business.

Secondly, another major flaw in the iPhone has recently been brought to light by some of the developers and hackers in the tech-world. The iPhone is being used by a lot of corporations all over the world, which means that security is always going to be a principle concern. The 3G phone is supposed to be using encryption friendly software which is meant to be secure and extremely difficult to crack.

However, it has been revealed by independent developers that the software is so weak that it can be cracked using some simple software. In fact there are some elements that can be broken down by amateur hackers, and that is not ok considering the widespread use of this gadget. On top of that it can often only take a few minutes to work your way around the security features. Thus you could lose crucial data and be a victim of hacking before you even realize what is going on. It is being criticized quite a bit for using such weak software. Especially considering that Apple has made claims about this phone being so high tech and high functioning that it is indeed meant to be the answer for everything.

Has Apple really created a phone that is substantially better than everything else on the market? Or has the success of the phone simply been a representation of incredible marketing tactics and a well run corporation?  While the Palm Pre has not necessarily competed with the iPhone in the toe to toe fashion that many people expected, Apple may be in for a bigger battle than they expect. The 3G iPhone is impressive and has mastered a number of applications, but it has a long way to go before it can truly be referred to as the best of the best, and the solution to all our mobile technology problems.

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