100k ShoutOut by Chris Munch Content Amplification Training & Software App Price & Bonus

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Chris Munch announced the launch of a new comprehensive powerful content amplification course, the 100k ShoutOut. The course teaches users how to run omnipresent digital marketing campaigns and build a $100k Business on a new automated content amplification platform, called AmpiFire.

Find more information about the 100k ShoutOut price, features, OTO, and some great bonuses at https://ampifire.com.

Chris Munch’s 100k ShoutOut students apply a new approach to their digital marketing campaigns to achieve omnipresence for their offers online, namely Content Amplification. They get the best ROI on their marketing efforts and amplify their results by creating, publishing, repurposing, distributing and syndicating content on autopilot on high-traffic, high-impact sites, and platforms.

The 100k ShoutOut campaigns are extremely useful, effective and powerful in generating buyer traffic on demand and creating recurring streams revenue.

AmpiFire empowers users to create high-quality infographics, videos, presentations for their marketing projects and creative tasks.

Both newbies and marketing experts can directly apply the 100k ShoutOut Content Amplification model that is proven to drive buyer traffic on demand. Or if they choose, they can let the automated content Amplification platform AmpiFire do the marketing work for them.

The AmpiFire platform allows users to effortlessly run a massive amount of these powerful, effective, omnipresent traffic-generating ShoutOut campaigns and get paid for it.

AmpiFire is an extremely easy to use feature-rich software app. It features a press release editor that helps users write and distribute pro-grade engaging news announcement in a couple of minutes.

Then they can effortlessly repurpose their news content and create an engaging blog article, a podcast audio clip, a Slideshare presentation, and a stunning professionally-looking video.

The software platform features beautifully-designed high-quality video templates that can meet the marketing needs of businesses in any niche.

AmpiFire does not require any experience in writing articles, recording audio or editing videos. It offers done-for-you marketing.

AmpiFire allows users to instantly get their content featured on Google News, YouTube, Vimeo and to publish their announcements on brand name media sites like ABC, FoxNews, Yahoo Finance, and a wide blog network.

AmpiFire is an extremely effective and affordable tool for creating omnipresent 100k Shout Out campaigns.

100kShoutOut is a never-before-seen content amplification course that will completely revolutionize the way people create digital marketing campaigns by bringing unseen results.

Meanwhile, AmpiFire is the all-in-one digital marketing solution that combines the features of numerous other software products. It streamlines and automates the processes of content creation, distribution, repurposing, and syndication. It gets the user’s message visible and heard online and ready to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Learn more about Chris Munch’s content amplification system 100k ShoutOut and his software app AmpiFire at https://ampifire.com

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