Aidan Booth’s ‘eFormula’ Exposed: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Buzz


Launching on January 23, 2024, Aidan Booth’s eFormula is a step-by-step online course for building a profitable online business. It focuses on selling products with high profit margins while keeping risks low and using automation. The course teaches how to make the most of free traffic, especially on Amazon, and guides you through setting up an online enterprise that turns low-cost items into significant profits.

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What is eFormula? 

eFORMULA is designed for anyone looking to build and grow an online business. It’s a comprehensive training program that shows you how to drive free traffic to products with high profit margins. Aidan Booth, who developed this system, reports his team’s monthly earnings of up to $300,000 using it. He’s now offering eFORMULA to teach these strategies. 

It’s ideal for those without a website, marketing skills, or an advertising budget, focusing on selling low-cost, high-margin products like eBooks. By purchasing eFORMULA, you’ll get detailed guidance on operating and improving the system for profit growth. Aidan provides a 7-step manual approach, examples of successful products, what you need to succeed, and how to use free traffic effectively.

Here’s How eFormula Works

  1. With eFORMULA, you can easily pick and sell products that are already popular and profitable. 
  2. Just buy a small stock from a wholesaler at a cheap price. 
  3. Next, sell it on Amazon for a higher price, using free traffic. 
  4. This way, you earn profits which you can use to expand your business.
  5. Aidan believes this strategy is more effective as it offers lower stress and risk, while increasing your profits.

What Will You Learn in the eFormula Course? 

You’ll receive these guides spread out over the course of the training.

  • eFormula Rapidfire Cheat Sheets: Aidan and his team have packed eFormula with valuable information. To ensure you make the most of it, we’re having a strategy expert summarize the content into a weekly ‘quickstart’ blueprint. This guide will point out key training aspects and the steps you need to follow for quick results.
  • Curated Fast Track Insight Reports: While eFormula offers you a selection of products and data for selling, we’re going a step further. Our team will conduct detailed trend research and in-depth analysis to pinpoint products most likely to succeed. You’ll get timely insights that extend beyond eFormula’s scope, helping you immediately identify and capitalize on winning products.
  • The Expansion Engine Shortcut: If you’re interested in selling on platforms other than Amazon, eFormula is here to assist. We’re providing you with high-converting product description templates, compelling headlines, and effective calls to action. These resources are tailored to enhance your presence and sales on platforms like Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping, and Facebook Marketplace.
  • 10 High Converting eCommerce Email Promotion Funnels: Building your business also means growing a solid customer base. While eFormula offers some funnel templates, we’re upping the game. A renowned copywriting expert, known for generating significant revenue through email marketing, will craft 10 diverse, high-converting email funnels for your future promotions. These are especially handy if you’re not confident in writing or pressed for time.

Note that no one else who purchases eFormula will have these. They’ll all have the general funnels that come with the system. Only those who purchase Chris Munch will get this bonus.

  • Azon 5 Minute Passive Income: In addition to building your physical product portfolio with eFormula, I’ll introduce you to a special report. This report will guide you on how to generate affiliate income on Amazon in just 5 minutes, using only your phone. It’s a surprisingly simple yet effective strategy to earn from products you and others are already buying on Amazon.
  • AI eCommerce Pro Training: Lastly, I’ll show you how to leverage AI to quickly adapt all the emails and materials provided. With specific instructions and the AI tool, you can transform the provided templates into personalized promotional content in just minutes. This training will teach you to create engaging and converting materials faster than you can finish your morning coffee.

Who is Aidan Booth?

With years of experience, Aidan Booth is a successful and intelligent entrepreneur who’s deeply knowledgeable about eCommerce and traffic generation. As the CEO of AB Holdings Limited and a veteran in affiliate marketing and Amazon, he has a history of launching profitable online courses. 

Aidan has poured over half a million dollars into creating eFormula, a technology that enables anyone to succeed in eCommerce. His program not only simplifies the path to eCommerce profit but also provides the support and guidance beginners need, revealing the internal processes that earn him up to $300,000 per month.

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