About Us

High Tech Deck reports on breaking technology news. We aim to report on growing startups that are positioned to change the world of technology with innovative products, high-end investments and a vision that rivals the late Steve Jobs.

Apps are a major highlight of our news section. Life is intertwined with apps, whether it be on a smartphone or tablet, that allow users to stay up-to-date on news, keep track of how many steps they walk per day and even manage their financial lives.

We strive to publish informative, insightful news with a primary focus on: apps and startups.

Our Team

We’re a small team from across the world with writers that have their feet on the ground listening for the latest app developments, updates, releases, and of course, startup news. An eclectic bunch of writers, our team strives for clarity in the tech world.

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We’re more than happy to work with your team to help spread the word about your business’ latest developments (startups, tech and app only).

We’re technology and business leaders, and we share our insight into the latest and greatest announcements in the tech world.

But don’t worry – we don’t push our views on our readers.

Over the last year, we’ve broken news from around the tech world to thousands of readers.

Readership has boomed, allowing us to add to our team of writers, educate thousands, and help up and coming companies spread the word about their latest ventures and app developments.

Our team (we’re planning to add more soon) are experts in their own fields, from finance to startups and funding, our experts cover a diverse range of topics. A highly refined target audience allows us to write for tech-savvy readers that keep a pulse on everything startup- and app-related.