Access Fitness Training Videos And Workout Routines From This New Exercise App


    As a good part of the population still opts to restrict their outside activities because of the pandemic, at-home exercises are becoming more popular.

    PrimalThenics, an Australian-based company, now offers their proprietary mobile app designed to address a variety of fitness concerns. The app is ideal for people who are trying to lose weight, to maintain their fitness, or to simply have an alternative way of working out.

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    PrimalThenics aims to provide a suitable training program for every type of fitness level. Their library of workout routines contains 5,500 minutes of on-demand videos, so you can access them any time of the day. New content is also made available on a weekly basis and through a live channel.

    Aside from categorising the routines according to difficulty, the app also lets you choose programs according to your focus area, whether you’re after strength, cardio, or mobility training. The videos are conveniently divided into multiple sessions per program, making it easy to track your progress.

    PrimalThenics’ app is a product of their founder’s over two decades of coaching and personal rehabilitation experience. Other than the workout routines, it also provides access to an exclusive community where you can stay connected with other individuals who share a passion for health and fitness activities.

    Compared to other training programs that tend to be draining, the app’s routines endeavor to make you feel better after their exercise. They promote a positive outlook so you can face daily challenges and feel empowered to live a better life.

    As a spokesperson from the company states, “You won’t find any ‘90-day Shred’ here. This is not another unsustainable fitness program. This is a fundamental shift towards taking responsibility in our lives to be better, and to be physically capable of tackling anything that life throws at us.”

    Through their mobile app, PrimalThenics provides fitness enthusiasts a new means to exercise from the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be. 

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