Advertise Or Find Local Jobs With This All-In-One Payment & Job Management App


    Are you seeking additional income? Or are you looking for someone to do a small job for you? Now there’s a great solution!

    A new application named JobbHopp has been launched that connects skilled workers with opportunities in their area. JobbHopp is available for iOS and Android devices.

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    As the rates of many service companies continue to increase, the new application was developed to provide a direct channel of negotiation between those who have a requirement and those who are qualified to complete the work. The aim is to provide a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties.

    Once the new JobbHopp application has been downloaded, you are required to provide an email address, password, and personal information.

    If you are providing a service, you can then create a profile either as an individual or as a business. The new application will approve and categorize each profile prior to it becoming viewable by potential customers. You can then browse jobs that have been posted by potential customers, or wait for customer inquiries.

    Profiles for service providers can include a range of information such as skills, qualifications and images. Customers are also able to post reviews and ratings on these profiles.

    If you are seeking someone to complete work, you will also complete a profile on the new app. You can then either post your requirement for workers to respond to, or you can search for service providers in your area who fit into that particular category.

    Once a suitable service provider has been found and an agreement has been reached, you then enter into a formal contract for the duration of the work to be completed. The new JobbHopp application allows both parties to provide updates, reviews, and ratings.

    Along with the ability to connect workers with customers, JobbHopp also has a number of updates that will be released in the near future. JobbHopp Wallet will allow registered users to transfer money from one person to another, and JobbHopp Marketplace will allow users to advertise and purchase new and used goods.

    A user of JobbHopp recently stated: “It has made me the person I am today and connected me with many professional individuals like myself. I couldn’t recommend a more solid platform for job endeavors.”

    Find jobs or workers in your area now! Click on to download on Apple devices or for Android!