AmpiFire 2.0 Automated Content Creator Machine For Small/Medium Size Businesses


    How would you like to make a lot of money with a content marketing system?

    Don’t want to spend time on creating the content? Want to boost your online presence?

    Chris Munch has just released an updated version of the content amplification engine, called AmpiFire and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. His system will help you create more content, rank better on search engines, and make more money.

    Chris Munch’s Loci Cycle digital marketing course was launched on October 26, 2021, along with AmpiFire’s new update.

    AmpiFire 2.0 comes with a powerful content marketing system. It’s extremely easy to use and has provided users with a lot of revenue over the years.

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    Online marketing, social media, growth hacking, SEO, and blogging may seem like technobabble to many entrepreneurs.

    AmpliFire automates digital marketing campaigns through in-house content creation and targeted advertising. Each campaign produces over 400 digital assets (news articles, blog posts, audio ads, slideshows,, and video) across a wide range of digital channels.

    The AmpiFire training program gives users the step-by-step instructions, tools and software to build an online business or grow and existing one using content amplification campaigns (Amps). AmpiFire users can use the content amplification method in any niche, to promote any website, offer or product.

    Entrepreneurs and marketers are taught by Chris Munch and his partner Jay Cruiz the most effective strategies for choosing profitable niches and creating highly effective content.

    Now AmpiFire users are getting even more powerful results with a single Amp campaign.

    The newest version of AmpiFire has some cool new features: infographics can now be distributed to image hosting sites such as ImageShack, Flickr, ImgBox, and more. The team has also managed to secure new special deals with content distribution partners allowing its users to enjoy a wider reach online.

    Chris Munch said: “We are an active and growing community and we are here to show you how to make more money and grow your business. With the Loci Cycle training program, our focus is on utilizing the automated content creation platform AmpiFire in the booming cryptocurrency industry. The AmpiFire team would like to empower entrepreneurs to generate risk-free profits from crypto without the need to buy any coins.”

    In addition to being a software entrepreneur, Chris Munch is the CEO of AmpiFire, renowned in the digital marketing space for his product development, including PressCable, 100K Shout Out, and the Asigo System.

    Visit Chris Munch’s website for more information about Loci Cycle and AmpiFire 2.0: