Are You Looking for Fun and Unique Gifts for Your Kids This Holiday Season?


    With each passing year, more and more consumers shop for their kids online. Just three years ago 44 million consumers bought their children toys off the internet and the competition is only getting more fierce. What’s more, the Internet provides such a wide variety of selections that it can be difficult to choose which toy to buy and who to buy it from. Luckily, Temper-And-Tantrum compiled gift buying guides that take the stress right out of holiday shopping.

    Best Ideas for Boys

    Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

    According to pediatricians and psychologists, toddlers are most open to learning through play. Toys help children develop new knowledge and skills, which is essential at such a young age. To help maximize your child’s development and fun, Temper-And-Tantrum has generated a list of toys that you and your child are sure to love. From a V Tech Smart Sports Center, assorted toy trucks, and trampoline to a battery-powered motorcycle and a McLaren 570 S Push Car, these toys are sure to make any little boy’s holiday great.Check out the guide for the best toddler toys this holiday season here.

    Young Boys (Ages 4-6)

    What boy doesn’t love to play with a new toy? Whether your kid likes to play inside or get rough in the great outdoors, it’s important to have the right kind of safety gear and toys that aid in the fun. From National Geographic’s First Book of Why and Razor Scooter to a Harley Davidson Motorbike these toys are sure to light up your little guy’s eyes with excitement. Check out the guide for the best toys for young boys this holiday season here.

    Older Boys (Ages 7-12)

    Are you looking for toys that promote a competitive, energetic, and active attitude? If the answer is yes, then stop looking. From spy gear such as disappearing pen ink and walkie talkies to dinosaur dig kits, Nerf dart guns, and Franklin Sports NFL Deluxe Youth Uniform Set Temper-And-Tantrum has made it easy for you to delight your kid with an amazing gift this season. Check out the guide for the best toys for older boys this holiday season here.

    Best Ideas for Girls

    Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

    Wait? What about the girls? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect gift selections to make your little girl’s holiday wishes come true as well. Having said this, you will find everything you need to entertain and teach your darling daughter, niece, or granddaughter. From an interactive pet puppy that she can love to a magnetic board that she can express her artistic style on, Temper-And-Tantrum has made it effortless to find a gift that both stimulate and aid in the development of your kid. Check out the guide for the best toddler toys this holiday season here.

    Young Girls (Ages 4-7)

    When considering a gift your a young girl, it’s important to consider her development level, cognitive growth, and physical abilities. In doing so, you help her to develop in a fun and interactive way best suited for her needs. From a Stick and Style Clutch, Razor Scooter, and Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit to a musical jewelry box and Crochet Making Kit, Temper-And-Tantrum has all the toys that will allow her to express herself. Check out the guide for the best toys for young girls this holiday season here.

    Older Girls (Ages 8-10)

    At this stage in life, your little girl is slowly creeping closer to the tween stage of life and before you know it she will be a teenager. This means that her interests can vary wildly. But lucky for you, there are several great gift ideas for you from which to choose. From a Friends-4-Ever Bracelet Kit, Stick-n-Style Blinglets, and electric scooter to an ultimate crafting kit and Pink Deco Agent Bow-Blaster, Temper-And-Tantrum has what you’re looking for. Check out the guide for the best toys for older girls this season here.

    Whether you are buying a gift for a boy or a girl, Temper-And-Tantrum has made it effortless, simple, and stress-free to buy the perfect gift for your child this holiday season.