Art Handler’s Appliance Center Now Offers Crossover 2.0 Washers and Dryers


    Here’s some straight talk about commercial laundry equipment. Sometimes commercial operations like laundromats are sold home-style consumer-grade washers and dryers with a coin box, but that coin box doesn’t mean the laundry equipment can withstand the rigors of constant daily use.

    Similarly, on-premise laundries, multi-housing laundry rooms in condos or apartments, and operations with commercial-level laundry needs like salons and spas, country clubs, nursing homes, restaurants, and correctional facilities, are often utilizing home-style laundry equipment when more durable machines are required. This results in more frequent service calls and repair issues than should be necessary, or worse yet, more frequent replacement of laundry machines than any business owner wants. Adding insult to injury, residential machines sold for on-premise laundry use voids the warranty, so using the wrong machines in your business can be costlier than you anticipated when it comes time for inevitable repairs.

    The introduction of Crossover 2.0 to the product line at Art Handler’s Appliance Center here in southern New Jersey allows us to offer commercial customers the best small-chassis washer and dryer on the market. Precision construction, superior engineering, professional design, and the most painstaking attention to detail are crafted into each machine.

    Our showroom is staffed by expert advisors who have been assisting business owners and managers of commercial, educational, and government operations that require commercial-grade laundry equipment for decades. Our advisors understand the kind of wear and tear commercial laundry operations withstand and can recommend the proper laundry machines to match your needs for the long haul.

    For businesses, retail laundromats, on-premise laundries or the rigors of large family home use, you expect and demand longer life, greater reliability and a performance experience second to none. Crossover 2.0 delivers on “The Power of True Commercial.”

    Our Art Handler’s associates always advise customers to look beyond the price tag on a machine when determining the overall cost of ownership. Machine cost is more than the purchase price. When making a capital investment, you need to consider the longevity of the machine’s life, ease of maintenance when service is required, and how often you need to place service calls for your equipment.

    With Crossover 2.0 you gain real long-term savings you won’t find with lower priced models. Crossover is designed to provide 15,000+ cycles — more than double the competition. Built with commercial-grade components, no other machine can match Crossover’s craftsmanship and engineering superiority.

    Those who buy Crossover 2.0 washers and dryers get the added peace of mind that comes with the power of protection. The product warranties Laundrylux offers on all new Crossover washers and dryers are exceptional. It is reliability that makes the Crossover 2.0 the best choice for your commercial laundry needs. These units are built to handle the daily rigors of commercial use. It’s why they only use commercial-grade components in all of their vended washers and dryers. It’s also why they back all of their machines with a strong warranty for added freedom from worry.

    Adding to the savings that come from purchasing Crossover 2.0 laundry equipment; Our appliance center is located in Pleasantville, NJ, allowing us to offer 50-percent off NJ Sales Tax every day.

    Our Art Handler’s Appliance Center showroom at 10 East Black Horse Pike in Pleasantville, NJ is massive. Customers can also take advantage of deep discounts and generous rebates across many of our most popular brands in our virtual showroom at

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