Bio-Friendly Pollution Free Hull Coating For Boats & Sea Vessels Launched.


    Marine antifouling coatings for boats and ships offer protection against deterioration, improve hull appearance, and reduce drag. These benefits come at a cost – to you and the environment.

    Commercial, military, and passenger ships are often coated with paint-based compounds that adversely impact marine ecosystems. Volatile and micro-particulate compounds found in older antifouling paint is dangerous to humans, fish, and other marine life.

    Conventional antifouling technologies rely on the application of toxic hull paint-based solutions and coatings. Frequent reapplications are expensive and increase your fleet operating costs.

    Seacoat Technology Australasia, a company specialising in hull protection technologies now offers you, eco-friendly ship and boat hull protection coating solutions. Get future-ready sustainable hull coatings for your fleet of pleasure craft, commercial marine vessels, and cruise ships. 

    Our new advanced technology coating for boat protection uses surface functionalised silane, siloxane and polysiloxane coatings. These long-lasting coatings reduces hydrodynamic drag caused by hull elements, making your boat faster and more fuel-efficient. 

    Seacoat Technology Australasia has launched environmentally safe economical boat protection coatings as an alternative to toxic antifouling ones currently on the market. Our products are available for local delivery across Australia, Tasmania and Australasia.

    Seacoat Technology Australasia offers ship hull coatings that have industry-leading surface roughness ranging from 10 to 20 microns and are resistant to depletion. Coating products are now available for any size of commercial and passenger vessels.

    We estimate that a single boat hull protection coating has a minimum operational life of 10 years. The technology is approved through Lloyd’s Register and compliant with standards established by the International Maritime Organisation.

    Our high-performance hull protection for ships do not use cuprous oxide, biocides, or highly toxic tributyltin (TBT). Marine vessel hull coatings by Seacoat Technology Australasia are safe for applicators and the environment & they reduce fuel consumption by 6 to 15 per cent. 

    The company’s flagship products SEA-SPEED V10 X and SEA-SPEED V10 X: ULTRA have been developed after years of R&D and have successfully improved the performance of military, leisure, and commercial craft.

    Equip your fleet with the latest in hull coating technology and caring for the environment.

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