Bring Your Community Together With Your Own Social Network From Appkazoo Social


    The Appkazoo Social platform was built to support the diverse needs of communities all over the world. What’s been built is a powerful out-of-the-box community solution that you can adjust to suit your needs as you grow.

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    Appkazoo Social is a turn-key solution with a beautiful user interface and a ton of features that come out of the box. But not every community’s needs are the same. What you get access to is a dynamic platform that allows you to adjust how your applications look, feel, and function.

    Your Ownership & Control

    Ownership & control go hand-in-hand. Without ownership, there is no *real* control. With Appkazoo Social, you get both.

    Ownership: All the content and data created within your community is under your ownership. We help you gather it and protect it, but it’s yours and yours alone.

    Control: From the brand experience, to aspects of the product experience, to how you manage and engage your community, Appkazoo Social has powerful tools that give you complete control.

    Your Membership

    Appkazoo Social makes gathering and engaging members easy. Every member has a profile. Dynamic, modern, beautiful mobile and web application keep you and members connected and engaged.

    Gather: Whether your community is set to “Public” or “Private”, open registration, pre-approvals, and tools like SSO (Single Sign-On) make filling your community with members easy.

    Engaging: Rich UGC (User Generated Content) like Live video streaming, follow models, notifications, and direct messaging keep members coming back to your community time & time again.rite a description for this tab and include information that will interest site visitors. For example, if you are using tabs to show different services write about what makes this service unique. If you are using tabs to display restaurant items write about what makes a specific dish particularly worthwhile or delicious.

    Your Content

    The Appkazoo Social platform gives you and your members content tools and built-in distribution for that content to create, share, and express

    Create: Members create value for the entire community through rich, modern content tools in the Appkazoo Social applications. Administrators have even more content tools, a CMS to create, schedule, and edit content.

    Distribute: When a piece of content is created a lot of things happen. It creates notifications, it gets sent to profiles and home feeds, it gets sent to the Discover area, it gets a “hot score.” Pretty powerful stuff.

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