Build An Indoor Shooting Range In Your Basement – Utah Experts Explain How


    Constructing a shooting gallery isn’t something to take lightly – there’s a huge list of rules that need to be followed. The experts at Spire Ranges have everything you need, including lots of experience with the regulations. If you can dream it – they can build it.

    The company specializes in custom-built cutting-edge shooting ranges that make use of advanced technology. They facilitate the construction of ranges for all situations, including indoor basement ranges for residential clients.

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    To increase the efficiency of their client’s shooting, the company has created a computer operating system dedicated specifically to the tasks you require when shooting. This includes user-friendly wireless integrated tablets which control the features of your shooting gallery and can be customized individually for each client.

    Spire Ranges keeps up-to-date on all the technical requirements for constructing and operating a shooting gallery to provide you with the most accurate information available. Their staff is well educated in the process and technicalities, and use that experience to save you significant amounts of time doing research.

    There are three primary components to constructing a target gallery safely. The first is the granular rubber trap at the end of the range, which stops the bullets at their destination, and prevents damage from shrapnel. The second requirement is a safety ceiling, which prevents accidents from bullets traveling upwards. The long list of legal and safety requirements for constructing and operating an indoor range is available at

    The final component of a safe shooting target gallery is a well-designed HVAC system. This component is often overlooked by inexperienced construction crews but is important for keeping lead and smoke particles out of the air. Shooting galleries without a high-functioning HVAC system will often become an unpleasant environment for shooters after only a few shots.

    Spire Ranges can provide consultation for the construction or upgrading of your target gallery to make sure it’s fully compliant with regulations. They also offer complete construction services that include having their team design, supply, and construct your range from start to finish. To talk to their team of experts, please visit

    The company’s website includes a guide to getting shooting galleries accredited. While the zoning laws and other requirements vary based on location, the guide offers useful general information, as well as suggestions for how to find local certification requirements. Their team has experience in helping you to prepare for dealing with city councils and local regulatory officials.

    If you’re ready to build the shooting range you’ve always dreamed of – then you need the experts at your side. They can walk you through every step, so you can be sure your target gallery is safe, high-tech, and ready for action.

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