Buy The Best Open Ear Audio Smart Gaming Glasses From This Estero FL Company


    Don’t compromise on your gaming experience–get in touch with Astute Nation and ask them about the new Mutrics BG-30 Gameglasses and see for yourself why it’s the gaming glasses you deserve!

    Astute Nation, a gaming website based in Estero, Florida applauds the launch of Mutrics BG-30 Gameglasses, a first of its kind open-ear audio gaming glasses. The company promotes a wide range of innovative gaming and entertainment products.

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    According to Astute Nation’s gaming experts, the gaming industry is seeing big strides in innovation and technology. The newly launched product aims to provide you with a better and more convenient gaming experience.

    The BG-30 Gameglasses is the first product in the market to incorporate all the essentials of the ultimate gaming experience—crisp surround sound, Bluetooth technology, wireless remote control, microphone, blue light blocking lenses, and stylish design.

    The product’s groundbreaking technological advancement is the use of open-ear audio technology. Eliminating the use of earbuds or earphones, the technology seamlessly transfers stereo sound to the inner ear, making ear discomfort due to hours of wearing earphones, a thing of the past.

    The smart glasses’ blue light lenses protect gamers from the harmful radiation that screens emit. Being in front of your gadgets and computer for hours on end, this thoughtful design makes the Mutrics BG-30 Gameglasses a must-have for you.

    The youth being its market, the company made sure to include style along with functionality. The smart glasses use a retro Gameboy inspired look, making it stylish and wearable. It comes with swappable UV 400 lenses, perfect for outdoor use.

    The BG-30 Gameglasses are not only stylish, they also lend maximum comfort using ultra light, durable materials and is ergonomically designed to reduce nose pinching and soreness behind the ears. It comes in a wide range of colors in GameBoy and GameGirl designs.

    Furthermore, the product’s Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 has a connectivity capability of up to 20 meters. It has 4 hours of music playback, built-in volume control, play/pause/skip and incoming calls as well as Google assistant, Siri and Alexa controls, making the GB-30 ideal for a multitude of functions besides gaming.

    Astute Nation is the trusted name in featuring innovative gaming equipment–call them today at +1-561-425-8622 to ask about the Mutrics BG-30 Gameglasses.

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