Case Study about how can I boost my business with


    About two weeks ago I have had a question for myself- adapted to the current precarius situation- how can I promote and sell the products of my brand new enterprise. The main profil is “the handmade- and renewed products” especially beautycare and health. To sell these products we have rented a shop, but from 2020’s spring when the Covid-19 spread out we were forced to find out a fast healing solution to promoting the cosmetic staffs.

    After a long searching method I have found by my friend’s offer the Alkupiac site where I can vending with my stuffs either as an individual or as an enterpreneur. Firstly the focus was on my webshop –understandably- to make it more popular and striking.

    When I have arrived to the main page you can see a „registration” menu where I had to registered myself and when it was done and confirm the account the process continued…. So let’s get into the „making money”- project…The next step was to identify how can I implement my idea to this place?? Fortunately the site’s layout is very clear and helpful so I found the very conspicious button with green background easily „ Új hirdetés feladása” means new ad posting. After this step you can choose the „one product upload” or more products (especially for webshops). Logically for my items I have choosed the second one. For the reason that I am not a proficient advertiser it was a huge help on the site that we can collect informations about the uploading process, the formal requirements and some templates about these. The third step I had to upload pictures about the items and on the right side can give the details about it like the address, type, description, price, discount price and of course the contact. It is a very userfriendly and simple platform and I understood the instructions easily like the „paste the XML feed”  interest of reach your webshop. It is an important thing because it is a „must have” task to refresh the page according to your webshop changes continuosly.

    After a few days I have significant growth on my site’s turnover and I have to be honest I got some useful advice from my friend who have muchmore experience about webshops, product- sellings, advertisement. I think it was expressly advantageous for me so now I share you 5+1 momentous tips for effective cutomer acquisition: 1.”A picture is worth 1000 words” Naturally the first and most important thing, to make high-quality photos from your products, because it have to be good- presentated to grabbing attention and our stimulus treshold has increased by the last 10 years materially. 2. If you have a less presentable item ( for example clothes, shoes, furnitures etc. ) would be worth to make stylish photos of them while using it. 3. Subservient to highliting the „ Niche products”. These are the rarely available stuffs which can support the more targeted searches. For example for the men with extra large clothing size.4. Reasonable conditions to the visitors became cutomsers, like with rapid delivery, loyalty programs, promotions, discount for personal events etc. 5. Determine the 3-4 buyer persona whom we want to buy our goods. Imagine them and summarize what are the most special interests of them, the shopping behaviours, and communication styles. +1 tip: According to the buying persona type you have to chose the most fitting online sales channel For example: You can reach the Z-generation on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram as long as the older age group more available on direct emails, and Facebook. These advices are the fundamental and the most useful and effective task you need to start a webshop or indirectly sell your stuffs on the internet.

     After a few days I have realized the effectiveness of this action I have decided to try the highlight function as they say a well begun is half done. J When you uploaded all of your items or webshop the page offers you to HIGHLIGHT your AD for only one or two weeks or for one month in a very low price. The result was the same as I expected. the highlighted products were the most sought after and the similars so it was a very good start to boost the business and I got the chance to study this long time postponed mechanism.

    Summa summarum I am satisfied with the site because its a very userfriendly, informative and transparent surface. Last but not least my visitors and costumers number has been steadily increasing since I have uploaded the items here.