Centsoft Provides Vendor Invoice Approval Workflow for Accounts Payable


    Centsoft, a leading accounts payable automation software company, has announced invoice approval software for companies using Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Many organizations struggle with vendor invoice approval because business processes are not automated. Finance administrators juggle emails, phone calls and spreadsheets to manage the process of getting invoices into the hands of managers or supervisors.


    Businesses also spend time keying invoice data into Quickbooks or Dynamics 365 Business Central, a manual process that can be tedious and subject to manual error.

    Centsoft’s invoice approval software solves both of these problems. The invoice approval workflow is automated so that employees can approve their vendor invoices on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Finance administrators can see what the status of an invoice is on a central dashboard.

    Centsoft extracts invoice data from both paper and emailed invoices. Data fields in the Centsoft dashboard are populated and the finance administrator can view the original invoice to check for accuracy or other adjustments.

    “The Centsoft invoice approval workflow saves companies time and money,” said Lisa Berkstresser, North America Centsoft Product Manager, “because many of our customers want to get approvals in an efficient manner, and reduce the workload of keying in invoice data.”

    Centsoft also provides a searchable invoice archive. With some systems, finance administrators can only search for what is in data fields, where Centsoft search can find any data on the document.

    An invoice log keeps track of all activities including messages and time stamps. Administrators can see where the bottlenecks are and ensure that payments to suppliers are made on a timely basis.

    For more information about Centsoft approval workflow software, visit: https://centsoftautomation.com/approval-workflow/

    About Centsoft

    Centsoft offers a robust, cloud-based AP Automation platform to streamline all of the steps in the accounts payable process. Centsoft’s AI learns and proactively suggests vendor information and coding suggestions. Centsoft is a leading provider of SaaS solutions that automates the management of incoming invoices for over 1,600 companies. Centsoft easily integrates with popular ERPs and accounting systems.