Close CRM vs Elated vs SalesForce vs Unified Sales Grid Review: Alternative CRM Tools for Automating Your Sales Workflow & Growing Your Team


‍Growing sales teams is one of the biggest challenges sales leaders face. It’s not easy to cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration within your team. You need to build effective processes and systems, train your people on everything from customer interaction to closing sales and managing their pipelines. Is there a solution for this?

Yes, there is. A solution that can grow your team by providing them with the right tools they need to succeed at selling within your company.

Let us take a look at three different CRM platforms you can use to nurture your sales team and double their effectiveness in just three months (or sooner if you have an accelerated hiring strategy in place).

Unified Sales Grid

If you’re looking for a robust sales CRM that can handle a large volume of sales data, Unified Sales Grid might be the perfect fit for your company. The product has the infrastructure to integrate with hundreds of other third-party applications.

This can help your sales team access their products and services from within a single system. The platform also integrates with Gmail, Yammer and other email services.

The CRM can handle an impressive amount of data. It can handle salespeople, deals, customers and assets like accounts and territories. Plus, it can handle forecasting and forecasting models, which can help you manage expectations across your sales team. The product is also flexible. That means you can customize it to meet your specific needs. This means you can pick and choose features that fit your company best.

If your sales team is already using Salesforce, there’s no need to switch over to another CRM. It’s the original and best CRM out there. Plus, is still a top CRM option. The product is still the most popular CRM on the market.

This means that it has a large user base and has been around for a long time. While might not have the feature set of some of its competitors, it has what it takes to grow your sales team and become an effective tool.

The product is easy to use and manage. Plus, it’s already set up and integrated with a large number of other solutions. This means that your sales team can access their products and services from within a single system.

Some of the features that Salesforce can provide your team include lead scoring, email autoresponders, custom dashboards and more.


The next CRM platform we’ll take a look at is Elated. This CRM is designed to manage the sales process. It can help salespeople manage their time and stay on track of deadlines.

Plus, it can help them track their progress in every deal. This can provide your sales team with more visibility into their pipeline and the deals that are within their grasp.

The CRM can also help salespeople manage their conversations with prospects and customers. It can help them organize notes, create relationships and track conversations. This can help your sales team stay organized and make better decisions about how to spend their time.

If you’re looking for a CRM that your sales team can use to manage their agents and close deals, might be the answer.

This product is designed to manage both the agent and the sales process. Agents can use the product to manage their leads and track their discussions.

Salespeople can use the product to track their activity and manage their deals. The product is easy to use and manage. This means that your sales team can easily access their accounts, manage their activities, track deals and manage their time.

There are also a number of integrations available. This can help your team easily access the products and services they need to succeed. is perfect for both sales managers and sales hustlers. It helps you increase your sales team’s won deals (and get the revenue that follows). It features effective, empowering sales coaching and performance monitoring

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Final Words

Growing your sales team is no easy task. It’s a strategic initiative that can significantly impact your company’s growth. By investing in a CRM, you can help your team close more sales and increase their revenue.

This can also help you fill open positions and increase your hiring velocity. These are just a few reasons why it’s important to invest in a CRM for growing your sales team.

No matter which CRM you choose, it’s important to remember the CRM isn’t a one-time initiative. You need to continuously invest in growing your sales team by updating their skills and bringing in new hires.

These updates and refreshes will help ensure your team is equipped with the latest technologies and tools.