Common Solar Power Myths Debunked By Apple Valley, CA Panel Installation Expert


    If you’re considering solar panel installation, you’ve no doubt heard all the myths. Do they really damage your roof? Can they pay for themselves? In this new guide from Option One Solar, all this is covered and more!

    Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, so the company advises knowing the truths behind it. False information on panels is prevalent, and the guide explains the 8 top myths about solar energy to ensure you can find the right information and requirements for your needs.

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    With the world moving towards sustainability, the demand for solar panels is growing. In 2018, enough solar power was generated to power over 12 million homes. Now, by reading the guide and discussing your needs with Option One Solar, you can make the switch with ease.

    The company explains that, due to the considerable success of solar energy, there has been a surge in false information spread by opposition. One such misconception is that on overcast and rainy days, panels generate no power, or that solar panels are harmful to the environment.

    Another common myth is that solar panels will never generate enough electricity to pay the costs of themselves and the installation process. It is much easier to become aware and alter energy use once your panels are installed, and the average pay-back period for solar panels is between 4 and 6 years, with the systems lasting over 20 years.

    The information that the system can damage your roofing is also false, as any points of roof penetration are sealed in order to prevent water from getting in. The panels also act as a second roof, preventing future damage and creating shade to help your roofing last longer.

    There are a multitude of benefits to having solar power, including lessening your impact on the environment. In addition, solar energy helps to reduce your energy bills, is applicable everywhere, produces power during peak hours, creates more jobs, and improves grid security.

    A spokesperson for Option One Solar states: “Solar energy is a fast-growing and emerging industry that is still on the cusp of its most significant breakthrough. The success of solar has caused opponents to create widely circulated solar energy myths that are outdated or entirely false.”

    If you’re ready to make the switch to solar, Option One Solar is here to help. Give the company a call today to discuss your system!

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