Compare The Best Car Repair Estimates From Local Auto Body Shops In Vancouver


    Would you like to be able to browse a range of estimates for your vehicle repairs in the comfort of your own home? Do you wish you could compare the prices you’re offered with other repair shops?

    AutoBuddy has announced the launch of its new vehicle repair platform, which allows you to receive fair and honest repair quotes from local body shops.

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    AutoBuddy is based in Vancouver, Canada, and has recently launched its service, which allows you to submit a repair request to a range of local body shops. You can then browse estimates from the comfort of your own home before selecting the one suitable for you.

    To use the AutoBuddy platform, you need to sign up for the service and submit your repair requests with photos and additional information. You will then receive anonymous estimates from local body shops. 

    The anonymous quotes that you receive through AutoBuddy allows for a fair and honest estimate for both you and the body shops. For yourself, this means that you can choose the best price for your repairs without any surprises. 

    The AutoBuddy platform benefits body shops by encouraging a fair and affordable market with its anonymous quotes. Additionally, it can help body repair shops to gain new customers by exposing them to an extended customer base without having to advertise elsewhere.  

    AutoBuddy developed the system after running their own auto repair shop and noticed flaws in the industry. They wanted to create a way to promote a fair, economic, and adaptable marketplace for customers and repair shops alike. 

    The Vancouver company offers expert customer service and is dedicated to getting you fair, quality estimates. Their technicians also vet all of the repair facilities before adding them to the platform to ensure you receive quality vehicle repairs.

    A previous customer of AutoBuddy said: “I was looking to have some dents and scratches touched up on my car and wasn’t sure where to start. I was happy with how easy it was to shop around for the best available prices without having to leave my home.”

    Make sure you are getting the best price for your vehicle repairs with AutoBuddy today!

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