Connect With Your Website Visitors & Drive More Sales With SMS Marketing


    If you’ve got no way to immediately engage with website visitors, then you’re in luck. DestROYER Competition Marketing has launched Lead Engage, which streamlines the process for you.

    You can connect with action-oriented visitors as soon as they land on your site. Through text message marketing, you can turn visitors into leads – and convert more sales.

    Lead Engage offers clients a fast, effortless way to connect with prospects and convert them into paying customers.

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    The site explains that through using Lead Engage, clients are able to quickly communicate with website visitors more reliably. It allows business owners to capitalize on visitor interest and drive more sales.

    One of the main advantages of the service is that it can be used to encourage sales as soon as the visitor lands. This is important, because it can stop them from leaving to browse a competitor’s site.

    One of the biggest challenges facing business owners today is how to engage visitors more reliably. Consumers that don’t get engaged right away are likely to leave the site and not come back.

    That’s where Lead Engage can help with its personalized, effective SMS solution. It’s ideal for business owners who don’t already have a way to quickly communicate with visitors on their site.

    The service allows clients to engage with their most action-oriented visitors in real time. They can move them from a browsing prospect to a lead within seconds.

    Interested parties just have to install a widget on their site, encouraging visitors to to reach out via text message. The prospect then enters their mobile number and connects directly with the business representative.

    Clients are immediately notified, and can then chat with the lead in real time. This can all be managed from a private number.

    SMS marketing has a range of benefits over other solutions available to businesses. Text messages are proven to have a higher open rate than emails.

    It’s also highly effective and easy to manage. The service allows clients in any niche to reach a wider demographic, and it strengthens customer engagement.

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