Create Your Own AI-Powered Batmobile & Program It To Drive With Machine Learning


    You don’t have to be a tech master to create and code your own Batmobile. The true Batman experience can be yours regardless of experience—you just have to back this project!

    The newly launched campaign has been met with immediate excitement, beating its target of $15,000 by over $285,000. There is still time left to pledge to the project, allowing you to secure priority shipping and limited-time pricing.

    Create your own car at

    When you support the project on Kickstarter, you’ll also gain access to a VIP community on Discord and Facebook, where you can connect with like-minded fans and showcase your Batmobile content.

    The popularity of the new toy is rooted in two key factors. You can build the car yourself, like Batman does in the story, and learn electronics and programming. It’s also AI-powered, which enables it to drive around autonomously.

    Product features include four gear motors, Wi-Fi, an inbuilt speaker, and LEDs. It comes with a controller for ease of use, with several additional options available, including a custom silicone work mat, replacement battery, and merchandise pack.

    You will find that the Batmobile is packed with innovative technology within its design. This includes a camera, dual-core processor, and rechargeable battery.

    You are provided with full instructions to build the kit, teaching you key lessons in electronics, science, and engineering. It helps to develop creativity and focus in children and provides them with a toy they can cherish and enjoy long after it’s built.

    Once the Batmobile is assembled, you can connect it to your computer. Here, you have full control over coding it, applying machine learning and AI lessons while having fun.

    The built-in camera and computer enable the car to detect and track objects, make decisions, and avoid collisions. The Batmobile can also play exciting sounds, recreating the look and feel of popular Batman movies.

    A number of different pledging options are available through the Kickstarter page. These begin at $1 and rise all the way to over $5,000 for 60 kits, which can be used by large groups, schools, and other facilities.

    Albert Gajšak states: “Ever since I was a little kid, I was a huge Batman fan. That’s why I started playing with technology myself. I wanted to share this joy and excitement with the rest of the world.”

    Are you ready to take one step closer to being your favorite superhero? Back the project on Kickstarter today!

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