Dan Hollings Reviews Next Crypto Winter with The Plan


    I like most cryptocurrency enthusiasts, including the founder of The Plan , Dan Hollings vividly remembers the bull run of 2017. What a year it was BTC starting the year at around $998 dollars and hitting almost $20k on December 17th, 2017.

    In fact, it was on that cold faithful day in New York City that saw Bitcoin reach $19,783.06, the ALT (all-time high). However, we didn’t celebrate for long as the cold took over and just 5 days later, on December 22nd, Bitcoin fell 45% and dipped below $11,000.

    Many saw this as a buying opportunity, but those dreams were shattered on February 5th. When BTC plummet to $6,200 and pulled back all the altcoins with it. I guess that’s how you start a ‘Crypto Winter’ with a bang.

    However, like they say things have to get worse to get better, and that’s what happened. We saw nearly a year of price dropping with the bottom being around $3,300, nearly a year after the all-time high on December 7th, 2018.

    Those who survived bear their scars proudly but is it going to happened again?

    Is the new ‘Crypto Winter’ coming in 2022? Or is it already here?

    Many crypto experts believe that it’s coming and data from both 2017 and 2013, where BTC saw similar gains and losses, confirms it. However, it looks like it won’t be until BTC hits $150k or more according to PlanB’s S2F model.

    Still, not everyone is worried about the winter. Some even welcome it like they would an old friend. Am I one of those people? No, but I think I know one that does.

    Reviews of The Plan by Dan Hollings

    Dan Hollings, a media strategist with over 30 years of experience that includes doing marketing for ‘The Secret,’ both movie and book, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and Montel Williams to name a few, is not afraid of the winter.

    So, Dan Hollings is no stranger to success and ABC called Dan’s strategy: “the marketing campaign behind ‘The Secret’ is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done. Anywhere.”

    Dan Hollings has a special gift for spotting emerging trends and predicting future ones. That’s what made Dan one of the most sought out marketer in the world. He was one of the first to utilize both Amazon and Mobile.

    However, in 2017 Dan went all in on cryptos and started to work on the Plan.

    What is The Plan by Dan Hollings?

    Dan Hollings’ The Plan takes everything he has learned about markets, people and trend to create, arguably, the safest crypto currency strategy out there that works in any market and minimizing risks and losses

    It makes sense because almost any one can profit in a bull market like we saw lately. Just look at thousands of YouTube videos claiming they know the next coin to hit big. If you pick enough coins, you will eventually get lucky.

    The Plan by Dan Hollings really stands out in this department. You see, unlike other crypto systems that rely “buy low, sell high” strategies, The plan uses the ‘wiggle’ to profit. The movement or volatility of cryptos is what fuels the Plan.

    Genius? I think so, as Dan Hollings took one of the biggest disadvantage of cryptos and turn it into an advantage. Not only that, but he also lowered the risks and losses.

    The ‘wiggle’ protects from sharp movements by leveraging micro stakes with gap range and small price range, making it a safer to profit in all types of markets.

    So, you no going to try to time the market for a big payday, no, the Plan is abiut peeling off a tiny bit of profit at a time, no matter if the market is going up, down or to the side.

    Simply saying if crypto prices wiggle, moves around, The Plan makes money and so can you.

    Does it make money non stop, on autopilot? While Dan Hollings doesn’t offer any guarantees, legal reasons, so far I haven’t heard any legit complain.

    The reason is that The Plan was created to minimize potential losses by safeguarding your investment. On top of that, the Plan is committed to maximize profits with Dan Hollings reviews of coin pairings and regular updates.

    Are you ready to try it out? It’s opening soon and Dan Hollings is inviting you to try out The Plan for yourself. In fact, you can also get a free training session. Click below now The Plan click here for the official website .

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