Design Websites Funnels And Ecommerce Stores With No Coding Using This Tool


    Designing a website doesn’t have to be difficult! Gone are the days when only coding will give you the custom layouts you desire.

    M.A.R.Z Web Solutions offers a website builder that enables you to make pages and funnels quickly and conveniently. The web design tool is perfect for individuals and businesses who wish to launch their own websites, or agencies and freelance professionals who develop websites as a service.

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    The product is packed with a host of features for easy website design, foremost of which is its drag and drop functionality. By using the tool, there is no coding required to modify the various elements of a page design.

    There is no need either to craft pages from scratch, as the application contains a wide array of pre-designed pages that can be used right away. The templates are arranged according to categories like lead generation, webinars, checkout, product, home, and landing page, so choosing a design becomes just a matter of aesthetic preferences.

    Upon selecting a layout, you may opt to make adjustments to the individual page, or apply global styling properties. You can change fonts, color palettes, and many other design settings with a few clicks, and the modifications will apply to all the places where the settings are in use.

    Recognizing the importance of mobile-friendly designs, the tool also makes the creation of responsive websites effortless. You’re free to adjust the page elements as you please, and the website builder automatically scales the design for optimal viewing on phones and tablets.

    The application is equipped with other features for sales, including A/B testing, CRM, as well as analytics and tracking. It also seamlessly integrates with popular automation and payment processing apps, such as ActiveCampaign, Stripe, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, PayPal, and GetResponse.

    Headquartered in Brownsville, Texas, M.A.R.Z Web Solutions is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative products to help individuals and businesses streamline their web processes. Their flagship website builder is designed to enable their clients to create not just ordinary business websites, but also funnels, e-commerce, online ordering, subscription, and membership sites.

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