Detect & Protect Hotels, Resorts from Water Leaks with the Water Pilot System.


    Water Leak Protection, Detection, Alerts for Hotels, Resorts. Proprietary Water Technology Announced by Water Pilot LLC

    New technology that benefits hotels and resorts has been announced by Water Pilot, LLC. The Water Pilot is a piece of proprietary technology that can provide water leak detection and deliver protection via alerts. The Water Pilot significantly reduces water consumption at all hotels and resorts, while also providing real-time monitoring. By improving the accuracy of the location’s water meter, the Water Pilot can instantly start saving businesses money. Learn more here

    The Water Pilot is an NSF 61 certified device that is made from medical-grade 316 stainless steel. It is installed directly before a property’s water meter, allowing all water in the system to pass through the Water Pilot before it hits the meter.

    In most water systems, all the water passes through a water meter, which uses a paddle to determine the amount of volume flowing through. The water company then uses the tracked volume amount to determine how much to charge that month.

    The problem is that water meters are not entirely accurate. They measure the amount of volume passing through, without accounting for whether or not that volume is made up entirely of water. This is an issue because most water systems have pockets of air inside the pipes. When these pockets of air pass through the water meter along with the water, they are registered as water, and the property is charged more. See how it works here

    The Water Pilot fixes this problem by compressing all air pockets before they pass through the water meter, making them practically undetectable. With the Water Pilot installed before your water meter, you only get charged for the water you are actually using and not the air pockets stuck inside.

    At the same time that the Water Pilot is compressing air pockets, it is also providing real-time information and improving water pressure. By connecting to your smart device, the Water Pilot can provide instant alerts if there is an issue with your water pressure, along with information as to how much water you are using and the pressure throughout the system. Detecting leaks early and providing strong water pressure throughout the property are important tasks for any hotel or resort, and the Water Pilot makes this possible.

    To get started with water leak detection and protection with the Water Pilot, interested hotel and resort managers should contact Water Pilot, LLC. From there you will receive an estimate as to how much money you can save, based on how much water you currently use. If the amount you end up saving does not meet the provided estimate, Water Pilot, LLC offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

    Interested or know someone that might be? Learn more about how Water Pilot can save Hotels & Resorts15%-25%+ in annual water usage and about our referral program here or by calling 970-379-9007.