Discover VIP And Celebrity Apple Computer Support Services In Beverly Hills CA


    Are you looking for a reliable and responsive IT support service for your home or office?

    Los Angeles, CA based information technology support firm, JFM Consulting, has launched a new range of personalized services for high-net-worth individuals in the Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, and other areas.

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    The firm recognizes that many clients are seeking a more responsive and proactive level of service and JFM Consulting seeks to provide rapid at-home or in-office support.

    Computer trouble usually entails the inconvenience of taking the machine to a repair shop and then waiting several days or weeks for the problem to be rectified. This can not only be an encumbrance in your otherwise busy life, but it can interfere with productivity or creative activities.

    JFM Consulting provides a remedy to this by promising on-demand, on-site services for all Apple products. The firm also provides PC support.

    When you wish to contact JFM Consulting you are connected directly to the firm’s IT Director, who will provide immediate attention to questions or problems as they arise.

    The personalized service is particularly useful to C-Suite, VIP and celebrity clients for whom time is a valuable resource.

    JFM Consulting provides a wide range of both personal and business technology consulting.

    For individuals and families, JFM Consulting can assist with vendor interactions (internet connections and telephony), syncing of personal devices, research and advice on product purchases, WiFi installations and software support, project-specific assistance such as database creation, data organization, live event planning assistance, content marketing and others.

    For small-medium businesses, the firm can provide system maintenance, backup design and advice, and networking solutions.

    JFM Consulting was founded by Jay Farber. Mr Farber has over 30 years’ experience in technology with a specific focus on devices made by Apple Computers. Being a creative himself, Mr Farber has an understanding of how technology is a tool for artists, and can communicate with clients in easy-to-understand language.

    A satisfied client stated: “JFM has been assisting me with a variety of technical issues over the course of twenty five years, and not only are they easy to work with, but extremely responsible and fast. I always know I can call and they will help me with anything that may come up.”

    JFM Consulting would love to hear from you! Call them today on 866-342-8922 or 818-355-1866.

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