Discover Why Small Businesses Are Turning To The Best UCaaS Provider In 2021


    Are you looking for a communications solution that supports remote working? UCaaS may be the answer!

    Unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS) provider has reported record growth for its cloud-based business communications and collaboration services in 2020, and is also pleased to announce that its UCaaS platform has been named 2021 product of the year by Internet Telephony magazine.

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    The announcements come as reconfirms its commitment to supporting small businesses with reliable, secure and agile UCaaS.

    As the name suggests, unified communications as-a-service provide businesses with an all-in-one communication solution via the cloud. Services covered include voice and telephony, meeting solutions, messaging, desktop and thin-browser clients, and communications-applications such as call centers.

    Owing to its scalability and OpEx costing model, UCaaS has been seen as a particularly attractive solution for small businesses. were pioneers in this field before the global pandemic, and the events of 2020 have seen the company exceed 40,000 active customers in recent months.

    With many companies being forced to adopt remote-working practices in 2020,’s existing UCaaS product was well positioned to provide small businesses with an off-the-shelf, tried and tested solution to the new workplace dynamic.

    Having spent over 13 years developing its UCaaS platform, was able to respond to the sudden growth in demand during 2020, while maintaining high levels of security and customer service.

    Many service providers had to adapt their existing infrastructure to meet the unexpected requirements of a highly remote workforce. However, as many of’s existing clients were in the healthcare field, the company’s UCaaS services were already HIPAA-compliant, and their video meeting services already provided end-to-end encryption on all devices.

    Similarly,’s significant experience with UCaaS enabled the company to continue providing services with minimal downtime, whilst maintaining 24/7 customer support.

    As remote working practices look set to remain as a part of the post-pandemic business environment, expects to see further growth for its UCaaS product. The company aims to provide small companies with reliable, cloud-based unified communications services that are purpose built for business use.

    “’s perseverance and attention to customer needs contributed to a record-breaking year for our company, despite the many challenges brought about by the pandemic,” said Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Ari Rabban. “I am proud of our team’s resilience and ability to adapt to unprecedented change without sacrificing productivity or level of service.”

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