Dramatically Increase Conversion With AI Chatbot Messenger Lead Management


    With this cutting-edge new conversion optimisation tool you can take your business sales to new heights. Through utilising AI chatbots you can engage more prospects and convert them into paying customers.

    Don’t just sit around hoping that customers buy from your store – give them a reason to complete their purchase today!

    A new AI chatbot marketing service has been launched by Appkazoo. Their AI chatbots offer proactive and personalised conversations that help business owners reach more customers and improve their sales. The service is ideal for any business that is looking to find an effective, easy and fast way to attract more customers.

    More information can be found at: https://www.appkazoo.chat

    You will find that Appkazoo offers advanced AI chatbot services that use smart marketing scripts and AI in order to create proactive, personalised conversations that help to convert visitors into leads and sales. These SuperBots work throughout the day, 24/7, to ensure a more seamless conversion system.

    SuperBots utilise proactive engagement, meaning the bots trigger based on the current page, time of day, user location and other factors such as the source, referrer and the device on which the user is browsing.

    Appkazoo SuperBots will engage with these users with a personalised pitch aiming to convert users into customers. The bots capture important information during these conversations and use it to further enhance the personalisation, making the bots a fun and engaging way to gather data.

    The chatbots will utilize advanced NLP algorithms and an internal lead-scoring system that can identify potential customers and transfer them through to a sales rep in real time with instant lead alerts. This means potential customers get transferred through quickly so the customer can get immediate attention.

    Furthermore, SuperBots also analyse and optimise the data so that business owners can get a detailed report on what exactly converts visitors to leads.

    Appkazoo states: “Appkazoo provides a full white-glove SuperBot creation service. We review your lead-generation and sales funnels, brainstorm together how they can be improved, and then build a dedicated SuperBot for you, with the right conversation flow and integrations to reach your goals.”

    You can find out more info on the link above!