East Kensington, PA Agency Creates Social Media Videos For Hotels & Car Dealers


    Don’t just tell your story — show it. This digital production agency will fire up your creativity and bring your vision to life!

    The Philadelphia-based production house can collaborate with you from the inception of the development process. Working together, you and the agency’s team can brainstorm ideas for original, unique concepts and brand strategies.

    Visit https://www.loadedpixelcreative.com for more details.

    The services include top-quality videography and digital production, as well as the addition of state-of-the-art visual effects. Loaded Pixel can also provide you with editing, graphic design, color correction, and other post-production processes. The agency is often complemented on offering comprehensive services from the initial concept to the final product, as in the testimonial below.

    Engaging, original videos are a highly effective way to raise brand awareness and reach new customers. According to Animoto, 93% of brands engaged at least one new customer because of a social media-shared video. Additionally, brand videos have convinced 84% of consumers to buy a product or service, according to Wyzowl.

    The video production studio specializes in taking a creative approach to brand promotion. The ultimate goal is to tell the story of your company, product, or brand through compelling short-form video. Together, you and the team can create a visual brand presentation that will draw in customers and prospective team members alike.

    Loaded Pixel was founded in 2012 in Philadelphia by Bobby Reed, a fifteen-year veteran of broadcast production. Known for pushing boundaries, the agency aims to spark your video creativity. It offers commercial and corporate video production, as well as film production services.

    The company’s website boasts, “From Fortune 500 clients to boutique ad agencies we’ve done it all.” 

    Past and current clients and collaborators from around the world include Wawa, Trimble, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, PennMedicine, and Deardorff Associates.

    Pete Macheska, a producer at Fox Sports, is a big fan: “Working with a professional sports league on a high-profile network, we have a big budget and don’t have to settle for the second-rate. Loaded Pixel is first-rate. The graphics and pieces we’ve aired during our games are attributed to their creativity. We’re thrilled.”

    Loaded Pixel has the video production skills that the top pros use — visit https://www.loadedpixelcreative.com today to take your brand’s video concepts to the next level.