Find Affordable QA And Speech Analytics Services For Your Contact Center


    When it comes to call center operations, it’s never enough to hire agents and call it a day. One challenge you’ll have to face eventually is QA.

    California-based company Call Criteria offers quality assurance and voice analytics services for contact centers looking to improve their staff’s communication and interaction with their callers. The company provides accountable, unbiased, and scalable solutions to businesses from various industries. 

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    One of the biggest benefits of their services is instant access to highly trained personnel who can conduct quality assurance measures on your behalf. With Call Criteria’s expert solutions, there is no need to hire and train new staff to handle the work. You don’t have to spend on updating the QA staff’s training either, further improving cost-efficiency.

    By partnering with Call Criteria, you can also benefit from the company’s impressive technologies. You get access to an actionable dashboard that gives you an overview of each agent’s scores and rankings, as well as top missed points and precise coaching advice. You can also easily retrieve records of individual, manual call reviews.

    Call Criteria’s scorecard system is another boon. Instead of implementing standard scorecards for all their clients, the company devises customized scorecards based on your contact center’s requirements. You can also expect to receive data derived from dynamic questions and answers, in lieu of the more common “yes” or “no” responses.

    As practiced by the majority of call centers in the world, Call Criteria’s QA processes are assisted by voice analytics. The company, however, recognizes that the accuracy level of AI technology is still low relative to human hearing. For this reason, they make sure that voice analytics data go through review by experienced human QA analysts to capture any nuances that technology cannot.

    With capabilities in the areas of quality assurance, coaching, sales performance, and AI-enabled voice analytics, Call Criteria is composed of a team of experts with extensive knowledge in call center best practices and operations. The company headquartered in Los Angeles serves clients from education, mortgage, automotive, utilities, finance, and home services, among other industries.

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