Find Out How Many Solar Panels You Need To Become Energy Independent


    Looking for an effective way to go off-grid using solar energy? This new report helps you get accurate info to set up your own solar system and become energy independent!

    Off The Grid Beginners, a website specializing in high-quality off-grid living tips, released a full report on developing a sustainable off-the-grid system using solar panels. You will find expert tips on how to determine the number of solar panels you need, find the right location, set up the system, and various others.

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    The new report aims to provide a series of essential information for anyone interested in becoming energy independent by installing a custom solar energy system.

    To help you determine the correct number of solar panels you need, the report includes an easy-to-use guide to calculating the energy need of your home. The report suggests using the power wattage of each home appliance and the number of hours that appliance is used each day to get an estimate of your power consumption per month or year.

    Based on that figure, the report then recommends dividing the quantity of energy consumed each day by the number of the highest hours of sun intensity. The resulting figure indicates the energy that your solar system will need to be able to deliver on a daily basis, thus helping you assess how many panels you need.

    In addition to finding the right number of solar panels, living off-the-grid with solar energy also requires investment in batteries.

    “For you to enjoy sufficient power supply when living off the grid, you need to have solar batteries to store up the power from the sun,” explains the author of the report. “These batteries provide electricity even after sunset. But you should know that not every battery has the capacity to power up the entire electrical appliances in your home all day like the central grid. Sufficient off-grid power supply will require a type of battery that recharges its cells by forming its grid. This way, the slightest energy from the sun can boost the cells.”

    The latest report also includes a series of practical tips on installing a custom solar panel, helping you choose between working with an expert or setting the system up yourself.

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