Find Out How Many Solar Panels You Need To Power Your Apple Valley Home!


    Looking for the best solar panel experts in Apple Valley? Option One Solar offers custom-sized systems that will help you reduce or eliminate your energy bill!

    The company will work closely with you to offer a thorough assessment of your energy needs and design a fully optimized solar energy system.

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    The announcement comes amid increased interest in solar energy solutions. More than 500,000 homes in California are currently using solar panels for part or all of their electricity needs, and the figure is expected to increase as most new residential buildings are required to install rooftop PV systems.

    Option One Solar has developed a complete solar energy solution that includes everything from thorough energy consumption assessment to professional installation of various types of solar panel systems.

    The amount of energy generated by a single solar panel depends on the characteristics of the panel and a series of factors unique to your home. Access to sunlight, shading, azimuth, roof tilt and other specific aspects need to be considered to design a solar PV system that gives you optimal value for money.

    The Apple Valley solar energy company undertakes an extensive assessment of your home to determine the type and size of solar solution that best meets your needs. The experts can install standard pitched-roof solar modules, carport PV systems, and ground-mount modules.

    While rooftop systems are the most popular option, carport and ground-mount modules can substantially increase the amount of energy produced, making them attractive for a variety of applications.

    And while most solar companies don’t bother with these, Option One Solar is always ready to install the best system for your needs.

    A spokesperson for the company explained: “Ground mount installations are available for residential properties where the roof isn’t suitable for the placement of solar modules. Solar modules are placed on any form of open land space, and when coupled with our industry-top performing 400 watt bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 30% backside energy for your solar module system.”

    You’ll benefit from low fixed payments and no upfront costs on your new solar energy panels. Available plans range up to 25 years with rates as low as 2.99% year.

    All systems are covered by a 25-year warranty on installation, product and performance.

    With the latest update, Option One Solar continues its mission to provide cost-effective solar solutions adapted to the needs of residential clients in Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville and the surrounding areas.

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