Find Out How To Get A Tax Credit By Installing Solar Panels In Eastvale, CA


    Want to save on your monthly electric bills, become energy independent, and increase the value of your property? It’s time to make the transition to solar power!

    Option One Solar has released a new report about the benefits of switching to solar power. The company offers its residential and commercial installation services in locations throughout Southern California.

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    The new report explains the various financial and environmental advantages of adding solar panels to your home or business.

    Solar panels can generate enough energy to power your home for the duration of their 25-year lifespans without additional costs. One economic benefit of solar power is its ability to reduce or fully eliminate your electric bills, allowing you to become fully energy independent.

    In California, the cost of electricity continues to rise at a rate of roughly 2.09% per year. Option One Solar notes that if you invest in solar panels now, you can avoid the annual increase in electricity prices.

    If you purchase solar panels, you may also receive at least a 20% return on your investment. On average, most systems continue to equalize their initial cost for decades.

    The report also notes that California homeowners who choose to install a solar power system in 2021 will be granted a 26% tax credit on their purchase.

    In addition, houses with solar panels typically sell for a higher price than others on the real estate market. Specifically, solar power systems can improve the property value of one’s home on average by 4.1%.

    Option One Solar offers professional installation services within 6 weeks of a project’s start point. All of the company’s products include a 25-year full coverage warranty.

    The business has been voted the “Best Solar Installer” for four consecutive years. If you’re a resident of San Bernadino County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and other surrounding areas, you can take advantage of Option One Solar’s expert services.

    A spokesperson for the company said: “We’re a High Desert solar company that consistently researches the latest trends and innovative technologies within the solar industry to ensure that we are only installing the world’s best solar products.”

    Start reaping the many benefits of solar power — call Option One Solar at (855) 502-6363 to get your project started today!

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