Find Out How To Master Chess Skills With This New Interactive AI Board


    Do you want to learn how to play chess and how to master the strategies needed? Then check out the new ChessUp interactive board with a built in coach.

    Backers Today have announced the launch of a new chess board product, ChessUp. ChessUp allows you to improve your game and is available for a limited time on Kickstarter.

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    ChessUp is a chess board game that assists you in mastering the game from the built-in instructor. The game is a chess coach, analyst and opponent all in one chess board.

    See this game-changer in action:

    The smart, connected board allows you to pick an assistance level to align with your own skill. Beginner chess players are recommended to choose assistance level one. The live training and analysis teaches you the rules and strategies as you play.

    Whenever you touch a piece, the potential moves on the board are highlighted in different colors according to the quality of the move. The ‘learn’ button allows you to understand more about the move you have taken.

    As you master the basics of the game, the board will get tougher in comparison to help you progress. The built-in Stockfish AI coach will begin to add in tougher moves and more complicated strategies to learn.

    Once you have learned how to play chess properly, the board can also help you to improve further. It will aid you in understanding the difference between a good move and an outstanding one, using the colored highlight system.

    The integrated ChessUp app allows you to link with other players online around the world and it matches you with others of the same skill level. You can also play with a friend just like with normal chess. It automatically times the match and the assistance mode can turned on or off.

    A spokesperson has said: “We found ourselves trying to teach our kids, significant others and friends how to play chess so we thought, how can we teach better? We put our heads together and came up with ChessUp— a way to revolutionize the chess learning process.”

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