Find The Best Hand Sanitization Solutions For Ongoing Protection & Work Safety


    Do you want to keep your staff and customers safe during the pandemic? Check out Sani-Spire today! Their pedal-operated product is made to the highest quality and is ideal for businesses in any field.

    A new pedal-operated hand sanitizer dispensing station has been announced by Sani-Spire. All Sani-Spire products are made in the USA to the highest quality, with a focus on keeping customers safe.

    The new Sani-Spire product is a pedal-operated hand sanitizer dispensing station, created by a locally owned Illinois business of over 35 years.

    The hands-free, waterproof dispensing station is ideal for use in industrial, commercial and retail spaces such as schools, shops, warehouses, airports, hotels, sport stadiums, banks, restaurants and more.

    The 36″ tall dispenser stand is the ideal height for customers of all ages. It’s constructed from 16 gauge, powder coated steel and is 15lb in weight making it both durable and easily portable. It comes complete with mounting hardware so it can be mounted into concrete and wooden floors.

    Inside is a refillable 32 oz hand sanitizer pump bottle, which gives 1,700 uses in a single fill. It comes with pre-filled with premium hand sanitizer and is refillable with any gel or liquid sanitizer.

    The ready-to-use out-of-the-box station helps to prevent the spread of germs and viruses due to its foot-operated pedal built into the base. This touchless operating system requires no power or batteries, meaning it has a minimal carbon footprint.

    Sani-Spire provide customers with the choice to customize their dispenser with any number of colors and logos to match their business, premises, club or team color scheme and much more. It is also available to bulk order.

    The Sani-Spire hands-free hand sanitizer station is offered with free shipping across the US and has a limited lifetime warranty.

    The company states: “Easily sanitize your hands with just the touch of your foot! Ideal for industrial, commercial or retail use. Keep good hand hygiene in your warehouse, job sites, school, restaurant, bank, hotel, airport, sports stadium, theme park and more!”

    Those wishing to find out more about the Sani-Spire foot-operated hand-sanitizing station contact the team at: (833) 414-0057.

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