Find The Most Affordable 3D Printer Options For Hobbyists and Graphic Designers


    Want to get into 3D printing? Here’s how to find the most affordable units!

    Functionalize, a tech-focused website headquartered in New York, announces the launch of its latest reports on 3D printers. The company has curated the most affordable options on the market, while also providing recommendations for graphic designers. 

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    These reports are part of Functionalize’s thrust to mainstream 3D printing. Many of the cited products are in the $200 and $500 range, making them viable even for those with modest budgets. 

    3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that involves creating three-dimensional objects from a digital file. This industry generated a revenue of $20 billion in 2020 alone and is projected to grow even further in the near future. 

    This technique allows you to fabricate increasingly complex designs that traditional manufacturing processes cannot. However, 3D printing equipment is known to be expensive, preventing its widespread adoption. 

    In response, Functionalize has handpicked printers that are reasonably priced without sacrificing the quality of output. By categorizing recommendations according to budget and intended use, you can quickly pinpoint the option that best fits your needs. 

    Each report begins by discussing the different considerations Functionalize took into account when assembling the list. This provides a benchmark against which widely available 3D printers are measured. 

    The report then provides a shortlist of viable options within a given price range, and discusses each one’s advantages and disadvantages. Whichever product gets the highest marks will then be declared as the best overall 3D printer in its category. 

    You can access the reports for free on Functionalize’s blog section. All reviewed products will also have links for where to buy them. 

    Functionalize covers the cutting-edge of 3D printing, which many consider as the future of manufacturing. By providing trusted and unbiased recommendations, it enables more people to discover the many uses of this printing technique. 

    A spokesperson for the company said: “Never has it been easier for someone to pick up crafting for a career or just as a hobby in their own home. And even though they’re relatively new, don’t think you have to spend a fortune to own a 3D printer.”

    Discover the most budget-friendly 3D printers by reading the report today!

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