Freelancing App Allows You to Connect With Skilled Professionals in Your Area


    Looking for skilled workers at a reasonable price? Check out this app!

    JobbHopp LLC, a startup based in Manchester Township, New Jersey, announces the launch of its new freelance job listing platform. The eponymous app allows you to post tasks and entertain bids from skilled professionals, giving you significant savings on manpower costs.

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    This new mobile app was designed to help individuals and businesses minimize overhead costs by giving them access to qualified task-based or project-based workers. Through the use of geo-location, you can locate professionals with the right skill set within 30 miles of your location.

    The startup company says that many companies have had to reevaluate and right-size their manpower pool given the current pandemic. Likewise, individual users may also require short-term workers to complete specific tasks around the home or office.

    JobbHopp provides a centralized platform that makes it easy for you to locate the right professionals for the right price. You can create job requests on the app, which workers can bid on—a feature that the app developer says puts the pricing power back in consumers’ hands.

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    You can shortlist professionals and review their profiles to see which one best fits the task at hand. Once a worker has been chosen, both parties will be locked in an agreement for the completion and payment of the desired service.

    You can pay professionals directly through the app; you may also rate the quality of service, which helps future clients decide whether they should hire a given worker. Customers also have the option to add workers to their “Toolbox,” which is simply their own personal favorites list. This will provide customer’s with ease of access to hiring or rehiring workers. The platform accepts a wide variety of job postings, including professional services like photography, web design, barbers, or cosmetologists; as well as skilled trade work such as carpentry, electric, or plumbing.

    The app also provides an “Other” category so customers have the ability to still create jobs even if they cannot find the job type on the app. Customers can simply select other and proceed to creating their job. This will also provide JobbHopp with the data to add the job type to their existing list.

    The app is available for free on both the iOS App Store: ‎Jobbhopp on the App Store and Android Google Play store: Jobbhopp – Apps on Google Play Both customers and freelancers must create a profile before they can take advantage of JobbHopp’s services.

    JobbHopp is a promising startup that aims to revolutionize how people get access to skilled workers. The company was founded by Robert Prendimano Jr., a respected tech entrepreneur.

    A spokesperson says: “The world has changed and so too should our approach to getting professional services. Our platform makes it easy to connect users with freelancers who can do the job at the best price possible.”

    Get the best rates on professional services with JobbHopp. Download the app today!

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