Gain Insight Into Company Financial Milestones With This Intuitive Platform


    Do you want to manage your business in the most effective way? Check out Path by Simplex Financials today to see how it can help you achieve your growth goals!

    A new social financial platform has been launched with the aim of helping clients to connect, collaborate and grow. Path ensures that businesses can track their impact, whether that means their impact on the local community or their team on business value.

    Path is easy to use and offers cutting-edge functionality to give you a full picture of your company’s data story.

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    The newly launched tool allows you to increase awareness over how money moves through your company. Financial insight of this manner is a key element to making sound business decisions. 

    One of the key features of the Path platform is the Business Impact Map. This allows you to track where your customers come from and where your vendors are located.

    The Business Impact Map also allows you to see what areas you should target more, and where the products are coming from. From the Impact Center, you can act on outstanding invoices, upcoming payments, or assign tasks to your team.

    Path provides clearer insight into the financial journey that businesses have, allowing you to track money more reliably. 

    Another useful feature is the Snapshot functionality. This takes financial data from QuickBooks Online and calculates the snap value of a business. 

    Snap value is the estimated value of your company over the course of its life. On the snap value timeline, you will be able to see the company milestones and how they have impacted business value. 

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    Path by Simplex Financials is the latest in their commitment to helping business owners overcome their financial challenges. Their vision is to develop a financial platform that collects raw financial data and gains an insight into opportunities for growth.

    Simplex connects business owners with the tools they need to achieve their goals. They created Path to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks to give clients a detailed, easy-to-understand picture of their data story.

    A spokesperson for the company states: “Grow your business with Path by Simplex! Increase productivity and efficiency, maximize revenues – which can be invested into growing the business. Path has powerful analysis that helps you find hidden cash in your current operation.”

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