Get a Personalized Song to Highlight Special Life Events from this Company


    Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime gift for your special someone? Check out Gifting Pride and their new “gpCustoms” song commissioning service for the perfect gifting surprise!

    Gifting Pride, an organization dedicated to creating custom songs for LGBTQIA+ community members, launched their newest “gpCustoms” songwriting service. Each songwriting package provides customers with a fully unique song, as well as other hands-on experiences.

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    The latest launch highlights the many unique aspects that the Gold Song Commission provides to customers. Gifting Pride offers a variety of songwriting packages, with the Gold Song Commission being a premium and new option. In order to create your fully personalized and unique song, recipients of any commissioning package will receive a one-on-one meeting with the artist to discuss the song, its lyrics, and theme.

    Following consultation with the songwriter and artist, each commission provides you with the final audio file for personal use and sharing on social media. This typically occurs within two to three weeks of meeting with the artist.

    With the Gold Song Commission package, and after receipt of the digital song file, Gifting Pride then sends you a copy of handwritten song lyrics in calligraphy, which are framed and signed by the artist.

    You will also receive a video of the artist performing their song. The artists at Gifting Pride are skilled in a variety of musical genres, including indie-folk, country, pop, soul, musical theatre, jazz, and more.

    Gifting Pride is offering a variety of discounts throughout the year. More information can be found at

    Songs can be bought as a gift for friends, family, and more. Gifting Pride also writes songs for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Designed to highlight important life milestones, the songs that are written by the Gifting Pride team are 100% unique and custom made for their customers.

    Gifting Pride is an organization committed to writing high-quality, unique songs for LGBTQIA+ customers. The organization is made up of over a dozen talented LGBTQIA+ songwriters, all of whom are committed to creating one-of-a-kind songs for their customers.

    A satisfied customer said: “Gifting Pride will create a fun, long-lasting memory for you or the person who will be receiving the song. It is a unique opportunity to hear your story told in a new, creative way! Gifting Pride was a wonderful experience and gave us a memory to cherish forever. ”

    Gifting Pride is a one-of-a-kind service that can make you a gift that will last forever! Schedule a songwriting session for your special someone at the link above!

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