Get DAS Mobile Connectivity Enhanced Signal Strength For Any UK Commercial Space


    Staying connected is made easier thanks to the cutting-edge services from this specialist team. They cover any location you need across the UK and pride themselves on offering the best mobile boosting solutions!

    A newly updated Distributed Antenna System (DAS) mobile coverage boosting solution has been launched by the team at Boost Pro Systems. They work with clients across both public and private sectors to provide legal, licence-exempt mobile phone boosting through the most advanced technology on the market.

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    The newly updated DAS installation service is part of the company’s commitment to client focus and excellent service.

    Due to the design and construction materials used in many buildings, improving mobile signal can be a complex process. This is where working with a specialist agency can help, because they have the skills, experience and technology to complete the job efficiently.

    The highly trained engineers at Boost Pro Systems have worked to improve mobile coverage across many building types. These range from remote wind farms through to factories, hospitals and large office blocks. Their bespoke survey and design process helps to ensure the best DAS solution for clients.

    The cutting-edge DAS solutions from Boost Pro Systems can be used in large commercial spaces with poor or no signal. Many remote and rural locations suffer from little to no signal at all, which can have a negative effect on operations as well as health and safety.

    Similarly, there are challenges with modern building design. These spaces are often created with the intention of retaining energy and cutting carbon costs. This means they often feature thick glass panels, insulation and construction materials, which can negatively affect cell reception.

    You can learn more about DAS installation and equipment by reading Boost Pro System’s latest guide. The guide highlights the building-specific factors which can affect Distributed Antenna System design. This includes building size, location, and construction materials used:

    Whether the client is a remote industrial facility or a construction project in need of connectivity, the specialist team at Boost Pro Systems can help ensure the perfect DAS solution is installed. Their combined mobile signal boosting and data solutions ensure that clients, and their devices, are connected efficiently.

    A range of passive and hybrid DAS installation case studies can be found at:

    A recent client said: “We didn’t know there was a solution to our poor mobile signal until we met Boost Pro Systems. Since installation, the productivity of our workforce has improved exponentially.”

    Interested parties are encouraged to enquire about a mobile connectivity site survey, to determine the best approach to their building.

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