Get High Production Values And Editing Guides With This Professional PLR Package


    Ever thought PLR would be useful to your business if it didn’t look so cheap? Then you need the Executive Collection from Warlord Entrepreneur!

    Warlord Entrepreneur has released a new installment in its Executive Collection PLR range. The package offers PLR courses with high production values and world-class instructions, and was created by an Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team.

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    The new PLR package aims to correct the low quality which characterizes standard PLR content, creating what the company describes as an unprecedentedly high-quality product.

    Content marketing remains a popular means of promoting a company’s brand. A 2020 survey suggests that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, and approximately 40% of marketers say content marketing is a very important facet of their entire marketing strategy.

    The Executive Collection PLR range is notable for its high production values. While conventional PLR courses are often unsophisticated, the Executive Collection range showcases a number of quality video options and graphics which result in a professional gloss.

    Features of the Executive Collection include a busy office background behind the on-camera presenter, cropping and zooming to simulate the effect of multiple camera angles, a stock video introductory montage with tonally appropriate music, and several graphics and animations.

    Courses provided within the Executive Collection are grouped into several modules. Each module has a different theme, including time management, productivity, goal setting, video branding, and on-screen personal rebranding which allows you to replace the default presenter and build a personal brand.

    Uses for the Executive Collection courses include transforming them into lead magnets, including them within other paid promotions, or editing and modifying them by taking advantage of the full rebranding rights included in the package.

    Steven Alvey, head of Warlord Entrepreneur, is a full-time internet entrepreneur who has built a multi-six-figure online business with thousands of customers, clients, affiliates, and partners. His mission is to empower struggling entrepreneurs around the globe.

    A satisfied client said: “When it comes to private label rights, we have high standards. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the Executive Collection PLR package.”

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