Get Premium German Kitchen Knives For The Best Edge Retention & Cooking Cutting


    Whether you’re looking for a new knife collection for your kitchen or you want to give the ideal gift to a chef in your family, you’re in luck. These new collections are for you!

    A newly updated kitchen knife collection has been announced by Gunter Wilhelm. They are cutlery and kitchen knife specialists who are known for offering the finest cutlery and cookware available for professional and home chefs.

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    The newly updated product range ensures that you can find the best deal on high quality culinary kitchen equipment. Gunter Wilhelm products are known for their versatility, durability and finish.

    They also regularly receive high ratings, and are used by the White House Chef Tour. Other fans include executive, professional and celebrity chefs, alongside top-ranked restaurants.

    With this latest update, there are quality knives available across three collections. These include the Premier ProCut, Thunder ProCut, and Lightning ProCut. Customers can also find premium German cookware made from chill-cast aluminum.

    Gunter Wilhelm was created in 2002 with the vision of designing and manufacturing the best kitchen knives. They began by interviewing the top chefs in New York to discover what they wanted in a knife. They then set out to create products with more balance, comfier handles, and heftier, sharper blades.

    If you’re looking for the Premier ProCut range, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. These include sets covering 6 pieces, 10 pieces, 11, 21, and 23, with large container blocks to display them in style.

    The larger sets offer you a complete array of German cutlery, which can be used for both specialized and more basic cutting tasks. Each knife in these sets is designed with edge retention in mind.

    The Lightning ProCut collection features four steak knives and a wooden block for displaying them. Each knife has an antibacterial handle for a healthier and safer cooking experience. These handles are also textured, for a more secure grip and feel.

    You will also find the 3-piece Thunder ProCut gift box. This makes a well suited gift for friends, family, and either professional or aspiring chefs.

    A spokesperson for the company states: “Our knives are made in Germany from premium high carbon steel and manufactured by state-of-the-art technologies. Thunder ProCut deliverers superior cutting capabilities characteristics with style, comfort, and an elegant sophisticated look.”

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