Get Secure Web Hosting For Your Blog Podcast & Content With OrangeWebsite


    If you want a web hosting provider that has your freedom of speech in mind, then OrangeWebsite is for you! They provide high quality offshore hosting in Iceland with a security guarantee.

    That means you don’t have to worry about censorship, making it great for writers and bloggers.

    You can get a range of great deals, with low prices, high levels of security, and more.

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    OrangeWebsite offers a unique approach to offshore hosting and prides itself on high quality service.

    The newly launched service is designed to offer website owners, entrepreneurs, businesses and personal users a high quality hosting solution.

    OrangeWebsite explains that their new service comes with a range of benefits. These include full control over the services available, added security, and offshore hosting in Iceland.

    One of the key benefits of having web hosting in Iceland is that censorship is low. Iceland has independent freedom of expression legislation, which guarantees that publishers, journalists and writers are safe publishing their content.

    In recent months there have been issues with harassment, de-platforming, and other problems. The focus of OrangeWebsite is on reliable hosting backed by the latest security solutions available.

    Packages include the Bronze Plan, with 1GB web space and 100GB monthly traffic, the Silver Plan, which triples that, the Gold Plan, and the Platinum Plan.

    All of the available web hosting plans come with the latest version of cPanel hosting control panel. This provides owners with a simple panel interface, which allows them to manage their accounts and view statistics.

    The team at OrangeWebsite states: “We have been in business for years. All of our hosting plans are hosted on high-speed professional servers with 99,9% uptime. That is how we can ensure your site is always online and working fast. All of our hosting plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.”

    They add: “Unlike many service providers, we don’t charge extra if you wish to upgrade your hosting plan in the future. You will only pay the difference for the upgrade. Our custom web hosting solutions offer fully customized services that suit your needs. This way you will always have the best offshore web hosting solution available.”

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