Get Strength Cardio And Mobility Training Exercise Videos From A Fitness App


    With governments all over the world restricting outside activities because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many individuals are now having a hard time keeping themselves fit. Fortunately, fitness company PrimalThenics has released an app containing an extensive collection of training videos and other resources for people who wish to stay fit and healthy while at home or wherever they are in the world.

    The app serves as a perfect fitness companion for individuals from all walks of life, from professional athletes to everyday people. More details can be found at

    For a minimal subscription fee, the newly launched app gives you access to an entire library of workout routines available through 5,500 minutes of on-demand videos. To help cater to every type of fitness enthusiast, the app allows you to select your desired difficulty level and it automatically adjusts the home page video playlist to display routines appropriate for your selection. 

    PrimalThenics’ workout videos also vary in terms of their focus areas. You may choose from a long list of strength, cardio, and mobility exercises, ensuring there is a routine available to address whatever your body needs. There are also programs presented in serial format, allowing you to take the workout course one session at a time following your preferred schedule.

    If you are always looking for new fitness routines to try, you will also appreciate that PrimalThenics releases fresh workouts through the app every week, as well as through a live channel. Aside from the workout videos, you also gain access to a vibrant and exclusive community of individuals with a common passion for fitness and overall health.

    A 29-year-old administrative assistant who had the chance to try the app states: “PrimalThenics has built up my strength, mobility and flexibility to a point I have never experienced before. Core areas in which I lacked and saw as weaknesses are now strengths. This for me has been a complete turnaround in my performance and I am amazed at the improvements to my routine and overall quality of life!”

    With PrimalThenics mobile app, home workouts have never been easier. Visit the above website for more information.