Get Tailored Instagram & Facebook Ad Services For Improved Brand Awareness


    Do you want to reach more customers and elevate your online presence? Check out the new social media marketing solutions from Appkazoo today for quality service you can trust!

    Appkazoo, the Chelmsford-based marketing and digital solutions agency, has launched a new Facebook and Instagram ads service. They offer results-based advertising and lead generation services alongside local campaigns with guaranteed results.

    You can get brand awareness campaigns devised to help you meet your goals. Each Facebook or Instagram ad will be seen by the target audience at least six times per campaign. Those that don’t meet this baseline will be able to get their money back.

    Appkazoo says that Facebook and Instagram advertising provides some of the best ROI available to marketers. For service providers and retailers, it can be a highly effective way of engaging with their target audience.

    Service providers want to reach a very specific audience that’s in the market for the solutions they offer. With social media ads, they can tailor specific advertisements to promote their special offers and encourage more sales.

    Retailers can generate quality walk-ins through proximity based advertising campaigns. Clients can get customer-centric advertising technology that has been identified as a leading innovation in the advertising industry.

    The company have served thousands of local businesses around the world and enjoyed over 60,000 success stories. With their results-based promise, clients can get 100% guaranteed reach and guaranteed performance.

    One of the main benefits of Facebook advertising is that companies are able to reach their audience where they spend most of their online time. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, and Instagram has a highly engaged user base.

    Social media advertising offers specific audience targeting that allows clients to reach the exact audience they want to. Businesses are able to build their brand awareness through fully measurable ad campaigns.

    The company states: “Appkazoo was formed to provide digital solutions to help businesses prosper in a highly competitive world. We have expanded our portfolio of services to include SEO, Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns, AI voice bots, SuperBots and more.”

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