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    Want a robot to handle your business’ sales and lead generation? Appkazoo can help!

    Appkazoo, a digital transformation and marketing agency, has updated its services. The business offers a digital toolbox that now provides your company with websites, apps, SEO services, and other digital solutions.

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    Appkazoo aims to allow your company to stay up to date with the latest digital strategies, including the use of AI bots.

    AI bots are becoming increasingly essential in business. According to a recent survey, approximately 40% of all major companies began using at least one AI-based chatbot in 2019, and, by the end of 2020, an estimated 80% of entrepreneurs were using chatbots.

    By implementing Appkazoo’s AI Chat SuperBots, you can benefit from around-the-clock personalised engagement with prospective customers. The AI can use proactive triggers to create a sales pitch which varies depending on the current page, time of day, user location, and several other factors.

    With Appkazoo’s full SuperBot creation and setup service, you will receive a SuperBot that integrates your business’ pre-existing lead generation and sales funnels, providing the necessary conversation flow required to hit targets and make sales.

    Other digital solutions offered by Appkazoo include website building services. The company builds fast, responsive sites which work without issues across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Sites created by Appkazoo are Google-friendly, with custom SEO settings and a dedicated online support team.

    You can also make use of Appkazoo’s Facebook and Instagram advertising service. The guaranteed performance offered by the service leads to a minimum number of unique people reached within a given campaign and has been successfully employed in over 60,000 cases so far.

    Appkazoo was formed to provide quality digital solutions. Their services are suitable to businesses of all sizes, and the solutions they offer can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your business.

    A satisfied client said: “My business has seen a quick return on investment thanks to Appkazoo. Their social campaigns have helped my local business reach audiences that I simply couldn’t have found without their help.”

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