Get The Best Eco-Friendly Alternative To Plastic With A Paper Bag Support Frame


    Do you want to stop using plastic bags? Would you like a way to make it easier to reuse your paper bags?

    Hello Bag has announced the launch of its ‘hello bag’ frame that helps you reduce the waste of paper bags by making them reusable while also offering you a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags.

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    The newly launched frame from Hello Bag allows customers to add a firmer and rigid structure to paper grocery bags which lets them be reused as economical waste bins, sorting device and other assorted tasks around the house and garden.

    While single-use plastic bags are a common item in day-to-day life, the long-term use of non-degradable plastic is well-known as having a damaging impact on the environment. Paper bags, however, are more eco-friendly, but their durability and structure make them less ideal for your daily use. Hello Bag’s newly launched frame offers you a solution to this problem by helping you to reuse your paper bags. 

    The ‘hello bag’ frame has been designed to fit your standard-sized grocery bags and consists of four support legs with a square base. The frame uses a snap-in construction method for easy assembly and disassembly, so it can be packed away when you are not using it. To ensure you can keep your hello bag clean, the frame’s materials can also be safely washed whenever needed. 

    Hello Bag’s frame gives a paper bag the structure and durability it needs to be suitable for a range of tasks around the home, such as storing fruit, composting, recycling, storage, and mobile uses such as camping, picnics and tailgating. Furthermore, by allowing you to reuse your paper bags, the frame can save you money while also helping to protect the environment.

    Founded by Christopher Blaul, the ‘hello bag’ frame was initially created to help his grandparents, who frequently reused their paper bags but found they were too flimsy for many tasks. Over time, Christopher realized he could help reduce the need for single-use plastics for others by making the ‘hello bag’ frame available to everyone.

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    As an eco-conscious business, Hello Bag has also teamed up with Sprout, a company that is actively working to plant trees worldwide. Hello Bag’s collaboration gives you a voucher with every frame purchased that can be redeemed to plant a tree through the Sprout App. 

    A recent customer of Hello Bag said, “A great innovation! I love how convenient it is to use, the multiple uses I’ve found for it, and how it enables me to reuse my paper bags and help save the planet!”

    Help reduce waste and discover a low-cost means of reusing your paper bags with Hello Bag’s newly launched frame today!

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