Get The Best Employee Cybersecurity Training To Protect Your Organization


    Do you want to educate your employees to prevent phishing scams and data breaches? Do you want to protect your organization from ransomware and malware? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the employee training program for you!

    Phish Firewall, a specialist creator of cybersecurity and anti-phishing software, has launched a new educational program designed to help you reduce the click rate on employee phishing emails below 1%.

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    The newly launched program is aimed at organizations such as yourself as many fail to train and educate their employees about phishing scams and cybersecurity. In case you are wondering, phishing emails can contain malware that is instantly downloaded upon clicking the link, or it can redirect your employee to an inappropriate website.

    Clicking on infected emails can cause serious problems for you and your business, from data breaches to malware, or even sabotaging systems. Anything held on your compromised computer can be accessed and stolen, from your intellectual property, to your bank details, and your personal information.

    Phish Firewall has developed an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven cybersecurity awareness education, threat emulation, and human security analytics platform. It is designed to help you reduce spyware, malware, data loss, ransomware, and data breaches.

    A three-step approach has been developed by the leading cybersecurity team behind Phish Firewall. Firstly, your employees are educated about phishing to increase awareness throughout the company. The second stage involves conditioning your employees to drive down phishing clicks to less than 1%.

    The third and final step is to fortify your enterprise from the inside out by reducing malware. PhishFirewall uses the science of learning and behavioral modification to ensure employees are security aware.

    You can expect to see the following results after implementing the program; after one month a phishing click rate of 15-30%, by the second month this has been reduced to 10-15% and by the sixth month, the click rate for phishing scams is less than 5%.

    Analytics, reporting, and behavioral biometrics are provided so your employees’ behavior can be monitored in relation to phishing click rates. Additionally, the program is fully automated giving organizations peace of mind and assurance that a cybersecurity expert is always available.

    The program provides a long-term solution for businesses and can save money. As you may be aware, in Europe, companies now face large fines for data breaches in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This kind of legislative change shows how serious Governments and organizations around the world treat data breaches.

    A happy customer said: “I didn’t know what to do, we were facing one cybersecurity attack after another. No-one knew where the breaches in the security system were, until we realized our employees were receiving infected emails without knowing. We needed an expert training program, but we didn’t have the expertise in house. Phish Firewall have saved me from sleepless nights and financial worries. I highly recommend the program!”

    You can contact the expert team at Phish Firewall by visiting the website provided!