Get The Best Forte Convection Cooking Drawer With LED Monitoring Today


    Is it time to upgrade your cooking equipment? These days, microwaves can do a lot more than just reheat leftovers. Check out the new Forte range from Appliances Connection today!

    As advances in culinary technology continue to integrate into, and improve, classic products, the Brooklyn-based kitchen appliance retailer has announced a new line of electromagnetic-powered ovens.

    The Forte Microwave collection features streamlined, aesthetically pleasing units in drawer, countertop, and ‘over the range’ installation configurations.

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    The company’s latest launch expands its comprehensive selection of innovative, state-of-the-art appliances for domestic and commercial settings. Appliances Connection has a long association with Forte products stretching back to its range of oven hoods.

    Forte microwaves offer you versatility in food preparation, from rapid reheating to more sophisticated cooking procedures. Features include auto-cook menus for easily accessible timing and power guidelines for a range of popular foods.

    Also included in the Forte range is a sensor cooking function. This detects and analyzes vapor emitted during cooking, adjusting settings accordingly.

    Fancy a little baking? An innovative microwave drawer offers consistent convection cooking. Interior lighting ensures great visibility for monitoring the heating process. These advanced features place the Forte range at the cutting-edge of microwave oven technology.

    Among the models on offer is the 5 series F2413MV5SS – a stainless steel ‘over the range’ unit with an output of 1000 watts. It features 10 power levels and 300 CFM of ventilation capacity to ensure efficient emission of smoke, steam, and odors. This oven also gives you turntable rotation control, a child safety lock, and an LED light that helps you monitor cooking progress.

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    The company was founded in 1997 and now carries around 30,000 products from 175 leading brands. Appliances Connection offers you lifetime technical support, expert product knowledge, and free shipping on all orders.

    A spokesperson says, “If you’re looking for a dependable, powerful microwave that combines fine workmanship, varied aesthetics, attainable pricing, and user-friendly designs then Forte is the brand to keep in mind.”

    With the launch of the Forte microwave range, Appliances Connection continues to make innovative kitchen technology accessible for customers across the US.

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    Whether you need quick reheating and defrosting or you’re looking for more advanced food prep technology, the new line of Forte Microwaves can do it all. Order yours today from Appliances Connection!